The Full Story

This is how Edenbox started 


 Edenbox was started by a couple who shares the same believe

 in making a house feel like a home. 











This is our story how Edenbox started, 
We both are just a couple who just want to spend more time together





















We started this business by providing our customer functional outdoor products

 such as mini portable torchlight, fire starter, safety whistle and more! 

as we both were really into outdoors,

surrounding ourselves with Mother nature, is utterly peaceful. 
























In the beginning we find ourselves spending moments with our loved ones at home, 

we would like our moments together in peace and comfort,

there are things that could help moments like these,

for a more comfortable living. 

In the market,

we tend to find things that would elevate those moments to be difficult.


we provide handpicked products with the finest quality at an affordable price.

These are made possible, as we follow deeply with our customer's interests & feedbacks.

Hello dearies!



We hope to serve you above and beyond for a place you can call home.


To create a little more paradise in the busy city life.



We hope to walk with you in this journey.