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This are some of the common questions asked

FAQ , Frequent Asked Questions 


How long will it takes if I order it now?

Estimated time of 2 - 4 Working days to reach you excluding processing order, if there is no delay

What is processing order? 

After payment is made, we process your order in stages, this includes double checking the conditions of your items, packing and scheduling the delivery. Process order est of 1 - 2 working days. 

What are your delivery charges? 

 Delivery pricing according to volumetric weight or parcel weight, whichever is heavier
- <5kg $5
- 5kg - 10kg $6.90
- 10kg - 15kg $8
- 15 - 20kg $12
- 20kg - 30kg $15 
Above  30kg will be have additional charges.


How do I earn my points? 

From making a purchase on our website www.edenbox.biz


How do I redeem my points? 

For every $1 off for 100 points.

Will there be an expiration date to my points? 

Yes, up till 1 year. Will be renew and updated once purchase is made.

Where can I contact you? 

You may contact with us here on your bottom right of your screen "Let's Chat" or you can message us directly on one of our social links available below


I have receive a defect product, what should I do? 

Please contact us immediately within 2 working days. You can contact us by clicking the bottom right of your screen "Let's Chat" and submit an photo and video. For more you can read our Terms & condition by simply clicking here https://www.edenbox.biz/about-4


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